Installation instructions for 3/8″ frameless door and panel

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Installing yourself?

Installation Instructions for a Door with Fixed Panel(s)

When installing a door and panel, follow the instructions below to first mount the fixed panel.

1. Your u-channel will come from us pre-cut and to fit your glass. First drill 3 holes into the u-channel using a 3/16″ steel bit. Position the bottom u-channel in the center of the curb.( Generally we install in the center of the curb). . Mark the hole location with a pencil and remove channel. Drill 3/16″ ” hole through the tile/stone and thin set with a masonry bit to a minimum depth of 1”. Insert a plastic anchor and tap it in so it is flush with tile/stone. Apply a small amount of silicone on the top of the anchor to seal the screw hole. Set the bottom u-channel in place. and secure with the #6 x 1” screw.

Repeat for the vertical u-channel. Drill holes in u-channel and place it on top of the bottom u-channel. Plumb with a level and mark holes, Drill holes and insert plastic anchors and fasten with #6×1″ screws. You have now formed a capital letter “L” on the curb and up the wall.

2. Place 1/4″ clear plastic setting blocks into bottom u-channel and set fixed glass panel into u-channel gently. Slide the glass back into the pocket of the u-channel to give you some room while you install the door.

3. Additional setting blocks can be added inside bottom u-channel for best alignment of height of fixed panel to door.
Installation Instructions for a Single Door

1. If not already done…

Mount the hinges on the glass door: Remove the screws and cover plates from the hinges. Apply the supplied gaskets to both sides of the door around the hinge cutouts. Apply light pressure so they will stay in place. Now put the main body of the hinge in the glass cutout. Align the hinge in the cutout being sure that it is centered up and down, and that the edge of the plate is even with the edge of the glass.. After everything is aligned, secure the inside cover plate with the supplied machine screws. Note: Always tighten the machine screws by hand! It’s a good idea to alternate back and forth between the two screws on a hinge, so the pressure is evenly applied to the inside cover plate.

Repeat on the additional hinges. After tightening the screws, let them set for about 20 minutes to allow the gaskets to compress, then attempt to tighten them down firmly again. It’s this extra amount of tightening that can help prevent slippage.

2. Put the handle on the door. Do not carry the weight of the door by the handle. Place wood shims on the curb. Position yourself on the inside of the shower with an assistant on the outside of the shower. Together, lift the door into the opening and set the bottom of the door on the shims along the center of the curb. Slowly push the top of the door into the opening. Move the shims in or out to leave 3/8″ to 1/2″ space under the door. Plumb the door with a level. Using a pencil, mark the outside and inside screw holes on the jamb. Remove the door so the mounting holes can be drilled.

3. Drilling the holes in tile or stone for the mounting screws: It is preferred that there is wood 2×4 to mount the door. (Optional.).Insert plastic anchors (not provided) in the holes. This will protect your tile from the edge of the screws. Drill 3/16″ holes with a masonry bit through the tile/stone and thin set, but not into the wood. Insert the plastic anchors and tap them in so they are flush with tile/stone. Set the door with hinges in place and secure with the #10 x 2” screws provided. Open the door into the shower to remove the shims from under the door.

If there is no wood support behind the tile or stone, the plastic anchors will suffice to secure the hinge bases. Drill 3/16″” holes through the tile/stone and thin set to a minimum depth of 2”. Apply a small dab of silicone into each hole, insert the plastic anchors and tap them in so they are flush with tile/stone. Set the door with hinges in place, and secure with the #10 x 2” screws provided. Open the door into the shower to remove the shims from under the door.

Once the door is in place GENTLY slide the panel out of the uchannel closing the gap between the door and panel to 3/16″ if you are using the strike seal. Close it to about 1/8 if you do not wish to use the strike seal. Make height adjustments to panel with additional setting blocks if needed.

5. Cut strike seal to correct ht and notch hard plastic edges to fit around u-channel at bottom of panel. Cut the strike seal to the correct width and notch the hard plastic drip rail so that the strike seal and the bottom sweep interlock when the door closes..


Run a small cap bead of clear silicone around the entire perimeter of the u-channel edge where it meets the glass (both inside and out). Next, a small bead should be run where the base of the u-channel meets the tile or stone (inside and out), and at any open areas at the end of the u-channel. Do not disturb for 24 hours while silicone sets.